The authors are grateful for the comments on this paper and are encouraged that the discusser agrees that the dimple phenomena are generated by the temperature-viscosity effect.

First, the authors agree that for any EHL calculation it should be essential to begin with the property of the liquid that is known with good accuracy. The authors received the viscosity-pressure data measured with a falling-body viscometer and the viscosity equation of the subject liquid based on the free volume theory from the discusser. However, the numerical work reported in our paper was carried out based on Newtonian liquid model. Furthermore, the authors did not use the data provided by the discusser because of the convergence problem. There is an old adage “half a loaf is better than no bread.” Figure given by the discusser will help the readers’ understanding.

Second, the viscosity-pressure-temperature relationship used in this paper, including Eqs. (1) to...

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