In the past two decades, the mechanical engineering discipline has broadened to include concepts and applications that have previously been ignored. Mechanical engineering departments across the globe now have faculty members conducting research which incorporate biology, chemistry, electronics, civil, agriculture, telecommunications, human factors, AI, and many other disciplines within the mechanical engineering framework. Furthermore, companies are now hiring mechanical engineers who are skilled at addressing the boundaries of mechanical engineering, for applications such as electric vehicles, nano-engineering, bio-mechatronics, and advanced manufacturing.

In recognition of the changing field of mechanical engineering, ASME is introducing a new journal, titled ASME Open Journal of Engineering, which is a multidisciplinary, open access, rigorous peer review, and rapid turn-around publication. The intent is to expand the ASME Journal Program portfolio to offer original research across the broad spectrum of all ASME technical communities, and for compliance with funder mandates that require full open access. Key features include:

  • High-impact, innovative articles that may not fit the scope of ASME’s traditional journals, for example, cross-cutting or multidisciplinary research in new and emerging areas

  • Original findings on theoretical or applied topics related to mechanical engineering and allied disciplines

  • Development of new or improved engineering methods and solutions

  • A quality publication


Addresses the foundations and boundaries of Advanced Energy Systems; Aerospace; Applied Mechanics; Bioengineering; Computers and Information in Engineering; Design Engineering; Dynamic Systems and Control; Electronic and Photonic Packaging; Energy Resources and Power Generation; Environmental Engineering; Education; Fluid Power Systems; Fluids Engineering; Gas Turbines; Heat Transfer; Internal Combustion Engines; Management; Manufacturing; Materials and Material Handling; Microelectromechanical; Noise Control and Acoustics; Nanotechnology; Nondestructive Evaluation; Nuclear Engineering; Plant Engineering and Maintenance; Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering; Pipeline Systems; Pressure Vessels and Piping; Process Industries; Rail Transportation; Robotics and Automation; Safety and Risk Analysis; Solar Energy; Solid Waste Processing; Sustainable Engineering; and Tribology.

If you are interested in contributing to the ASME Open Journal of Engineering, please submit your articles at