This article discusses different lab experiences for mechatronics education. Integrated software tools like MATLAB and Simulink and the availability of low-cost hardware are enabling technologies for the development of innovative laboratory and curriculum paradigms. An example of this is the laboratory curriculum developed for the Mechatronics course at Rensselaer, consisting of the Rensselaer Mechatronics Hardware Kit and the associated RASPLib software package, which allow the students to take the laboratory experience out of the classroom and into their dorm rooms. This has created unique opportunities for learning and pedagogy. The Mini Inverted Pendulum project provides students a complete Mechatronics design experience. The end objective is clear: use the motor and sensors in the Mechatronics Kit to balance the pendulum.


Mechatronics Curriculum, RASPLib Package:∼hurstj2/
MinSeg website:
Howard, B. and Bushnell, L., 2015, July. Enhancing linear system theory curriculum with an inverted pendulum robot. In American Control Conference (ACC), 2015 (pp. 2185-2192). IEEE
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