This article focuses on measures for preventing damages to oil drilling setups post hurricanes or typhoons. According to engineers, today, it is a complex network of fixed and floating production platforms, mobile drilling units, undersea wells, and oil and gas pipelines. No single solution will ensure the safety of the entire system. The exploration wells under the drilling rigs are also vulnerable. Mobile drilling units, such as jackups and semisubmersibles, which drill test wells and then move to another location, proved especially vulnerable during Katrina and Rita. When the American Petroleum Institute rolled out its first post-Katrina recommendations in April, it took an initial step on a road that will eventually demand changes in everything from air gaps, tie-downs, and deck design to moorings, tethers, clamps, and piping supports. New standards are expected to improve the odds for newer platforms and rigs if they continue to face larger and larger hurricanes.

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