At the Georgia Institute of Technology, the Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering has taken steps to introduce curriculum that enable engineering graduates to be able to function on multidisciplinary teams. The institute provide tools and support necessary for its graduates not only to function, but also to contribute more effectively in multidisciplinary efforts. One support mechanism that is helping to broaden students' experience and skills at Georgia Tech is the Mechanical Engineering Electronics Support Lab. Currently, three long-range design projects are in the lab: an eight-channel programmable H2O pump for use in human bone growth experiments; a 12-channel high-voltage controller for piezoelectric actuators to manipulate fluidic flow patterns within a wind tunnel; and, for the same experiment, a precision bank of hot-wire anemometers for velocity measurements. The lab's greatest measure of success has been the high rate of return customers and word-of-mouth recommendations. Faculty from other departments have approached the lab regarding their design and fabrication needs—a strong indicator that the facility must be doing something right.

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