The Journal of Mechanical Design Reviewers With Distinction Award is given to reviewers who have made a meritorious contribution to the journal in terms of the number, quality, and turnaround time of reviews completed during the past year. The prize includes the choice of either a wall plaque or a pdf award certificate. Winners are announced in the journal, posted on the ASME website and on the JMD companion website. The 2020 winners of this award are as follows:

  • Katja Holtta-Otto—Aalto University, Finland

  • Zhimin Xi—Rutgers University, USA

  • Zhen Hu—University of Michigan-Dearborn, USA

  • Zhenghui Sha—University of Arkansas, USA

  • Janet Allen—The University of Oklahoma, USA

  • Faez Ahmed—Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

  • Jonathan Cagan—Carnegie Mellon University, USA

  • Guanglu Zhang—Carnegie Mellon University, USA

  • Haris Ligata—Gleason Works, USA

I would like to congratulate all the award recipients and look forward to continuing to work with the...

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