I am pleased to announce that the winner for the Journal of Mechanical Design 2020 Editors’ Choice Paper Award is:

  • Hassannezhad, M., Cantamessa, M., Montagna, F., and John Clarkson, P., “Managing Sociotechnical Complexity in Engineering Design Projects,” ASME J. Mech. Des., 141(8), p. 081101.

In addition, two papers were awarded Honorable Mentions:

  • Gillman, A. S., Fuchi, K., and Buskohl, P. R., “Discovering Sequenced Origami Folding Through Nonlinear Mechanics and Topology Optimization,” ASME J. Mech. Des., 141(4), p. 041401.

  • Li, D., Dai, N., Tang, Y., Dong, G., and Zhao, Y. F., “Design and Optimization of Graded Cellular Structures With Triply Periodic Level Surface-Based Topological Shapes,” ASME J. Mech. Des., 141(7), p. 071402.

The selection of these papers was based on the recommendations of the Associate and Guest Editors and guided by the following criteria: (i) fundamental value of the contribution, (ii) expectation of archival value (e.g., expected number of citations), (iii)...

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