Contributed by the Heat Transfer Division for publication in the JOURNAL OF HEAT TRANSFER. Manuscript received by the Heat Transfer Division November 20, 2001; revision received July 1, 2002. Associate Editor: D. B. R. Kenning.

This technical note provides commentary on four recently published correlations for convective vaporization in tubes. It appears that they were formulated inconsistent with accepted practice. Hence, if applied per usual practice, errors will result in their use. The correlations addressed are those of Gungor and Winterton 1, Gungor and Winterton 2, Liu and Winterton 3, and Kattan et al. 4.

Webb and Gupte 5 described phenomenological models used for calculating heat transfer coefficients in convective vaporization. The principal models discussed are the superposition and the asymptotic models, which are of the form:
where qnb represents the nucleate boiling...
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