An investigation on the diesel fuel spray injected into stagnant ambient air in a chamber is reported in this paper. The objective of the investigation was to analyze the processes of diffusion of mass and velocity of the fuel in the fuel spray. The distribution of velocity and mass of the fuel showed similarity in the zone of established flow. Gaussian normal probability distribution for free jet was assumed by earlier workers, starting with Albertson, et al., for analyzing such a situation. However, it has been found that diesel fuel spray in a chamber necessitates modification of the model described and a modified model has been proposed herein. The Abramovich model is also compared with the experimental data. The ratio of εmm0 varied from 1.24 to 1.45 for the change of injection pressure from 100 to 200 atm. It is conclusively shown that mass diffuses faster than the momentum, the rate of diffusion increasing with the increase in the injection pressure. The proposed model gives good agreement with experimental results. The various parameters of the equations for depicting the fuel spray as a jet have been evaluated and tabulated.

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