Interaction of a plane compressional step wave with a circular cylindrical obstacle embedded in an elastic medium is studied. The obstacle is rigid, stationary, and of infinite length. The incident wave travels in a direction perpendicular to the axis of the cylinder. Using Kirchhoff’s theorem, surface integral equations are formulated for the displacement potential derivatives in the scattered field and on the cylinder boundary. The wave-front solution obtained for the illuminated zone on the cylinder is identical to that obtained by high-frequency wave-front analysis. Boundary stresses in the shadow zone as well as the initial behavior of the wave-front stresses at the boundary between the illuminated and shadow zones are obtained. The integral equations for both illuminated and shadow-zone boundary stresses are reduced to successive linear matrix equations for numerical analysis. The numerical methods developed in this paper can be applied to interaction problems for obstacles of arbitrary geometrical configuration. They are also readily extended to the case where the medium exhibits bilinear or multilinear stress-strain behavior.

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