With strong bearing capacity, good corrosion resistance, excellent wear resistance, light weight and easy transportation and installation, Plastic pipe reinforced by cross helically wound steel wires (PSP) is widely used in oil industry, coal chemical industry, slurry transportation engineering, and sea (river) bottom water projects. Due to the PSP at middle-high pressure, an effective and reliable method of connection between pipes is particularly important. Heat-fusion weld and electro-fusion weld are usually used in middle-high PSP connections, or adding steel plate reinforcement at present. The pipe welded-joint failure is the main failure mode at service stage, causing the damage of pipelines and fluid leakage. Ultrasonic phased array inspection, which is one of the non-destructive inspection methods, is mainly used in pipe welded-joints inspection. A higher attenuation coefficient of polyolefin materials and the interference of steel mesh skeleton among PSP can cause great impact to the ultrasonic inspection; It’s worse if a steel plate is added. In order to put forward a kind of method can better detect the connection joint, this paper examines a new method of ultrasonic phased array inspection in PSP welded-joints based on customized probe, focus law and scanning mode which overcomes the difficulties found in other usual non-destructive inspection measures.

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