With the rapid development of science and information technology, software systems are widely used in all walks of life in society. Composite materials have become the hotspot and trend in pipe development, which greatly broaden the application field of composite pipes. Aiming at the requirement of composite pipe section design in composite flexible pipe factories in actual production, this paper simplifies the flexible composite pipe into a uniform continuous model, and develops a pipe section design software based on Visual Basic environment. According to the numerical calculation method in mechanics and the empirical formula, considering the production error and safety factor, this paper puts forward a reasonable method for designing the flexible composite pipe section, and develops a system for calculating it using Visual Basic. Based on the performance of raw materials and the requirement of customers for pipe pressure, this software can figure out the section data of steel strip pipe, steel cord pipe, polyester pipe, Kevlar pipe, and fiberglass pipe respectively, and obtain the design pressure, minimum bending radius and other parameters, thus improving the efficiency of the design process. At the same time, raw material quotation and pipe cost price can be calculated to facilitate the purchase of raw materials, pipe storage and sales. This software is an ideal tool for calculating flexible composite pipe cross-section data.

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