In order to improve the corrosion resistance of the drill pipe, the alumina ceramic membrane is coated on the surface of aluminum alloy drill pipe of offshore platform by micro arc oxidation technology. This paper mainly focuses on the experimental work to determine the effect of the nano-MoS2 content in the solution on the micro morphology, element content and corrosion resistance of the coating. The results show that the amount of nano-MoS2 particles has big influence on the making of micro-arc oxidation (MAO). The thickness of MAO coating is increased with the adding of nano-MoS2 particles. Besides, the size of the coating is first increased then decreased, and the surface of coating become more compact and smooth with the increase of the amount of nano-MoS2 particles. Also, the corrosion resistance of MAO coating is improved as the amount of MoS2 increases. The corrosion rate is decreased from 0.032g.m−2.h−1 to 0.024g.m−2.h−1 when the addition amount of nano-particles increased from 0.5g/L to 2g/L.

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