Coming and future Deep and Ultra-Deep Water project developments involve the use of many Subsea Rigid Jumpers used to connect well heads, manifolds or riser base with Flowline End Terminations.

Generally, Subsea Rigid Jumpers are short and flexible pipe sections assembled in a variety of spatial configurations to accommodate the installation tolerances, the Flowline End Terminations translation and settlement guaranteeing the continuity and the flexibility needs of the subsea pipe layout. These Subsea Rigid Jumpers are critical components as they are subject to fatigue damage due to Vortex Induced Vibrations induced by the bottom currents and/or Flow Induced Vibrations induced by the high internal flow rate, often coupled with slugging flow conditions.

In this paper, a Subsea Rigid Jumper design approach based on basics of Vortex Induced Vibrations is presented, and outcomes on a few typical multi-planar Subsea Rigid Jumpers discussed.

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