Environmentally friendly and effective power systems have been receiving increased investigation due to the aim of addressing global warming, energy expansion, and economic growth. Gas turbine cycles are perceived as a useful technology that has advanced power capacity. In this research, a gas turbine cycle has been proposed and developed from a simple and regenerative gas turbine cycle to enhance performance and reduce Specific fuel consumption. The impact of specific factors regarding the proposed gas turbine cycle on thermal efficiency, net output, specific fuel consumption, and exergy destruction, have been inspected. The assessments of the pertinent parameters were performed based on conventional thermodynamic energy and exergy analysis. The results obtained indicate that the peak temperature of the Proposed Gas Turbine Cycle increased considerably without affecting fuel consumption. The results show that at Pressure Ratio (rp = 6) the performance of the Proposed Gas Turbine Cycle is much better than Single Gas Turbine Cycle but the total exergy destruction of Proposed Gas Turbine Cycle higher than the SGTC.

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