Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) tapes (DuPont, 951 series), originally developed for monolithic packaging of interconnects and hybrid microelectronic circuitry, have been used in the last four years to develop a meso-scale integrated fluidic technology. The LTCC fluidic technology is shown to be versatile, inexpensive, fast, and free of packaging problems. The manufacturing basis for this technology is patterning of individual tapes, which are laminated and co-fired to create a layered 3-D structure. In this paper, we present another attractive facet of this technology by creating 3-D shell structures with a single layer of LTCC tape. The processing technique is illustrated with hemispherical and cylindrical shells that have internal 3-D conduits. A novel three degree-of-freedom spherical stepper motor is also presented as an application of an active device using magneto-statically actuated curved LTCC shells.

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