Magnetically actuated diaphragm pumps were fabricated with low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) tapes and Kapton polyimide film. The pumps consisted of a chamber machined in a LTCC substrate. The chamber was covered either on one or both sides with Kapton diaphragms on which copper coils were patterned. The diaphragms were actuated by passing electric current through the coils in the presence of permanent magnets. Passive Kapton flap valves were used to direct fluid flow into and out of the chamber. The first design consisted of a single, circular diaphragm pump. In the second design, two circular diaphragms were used. The two diaphragms are deflected into and out of the pressure chamber simultaneously. Flow rates of up to 7 mL/min were measured. The static response of a circular diaphragm subjected to magnetic forces was computed using the finite element method (FEM). The effect of the copper coils on diaphragm stiffness was accounted for. The design parameters (the number of windings and the size and location of the magnet) needed to maximize the volumetric displacement were determined. At relatively high currents, the coils heated up significantly and caused the pump’s performance to deteriorate.

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