Additive manufacturing (AM) affords those who wield it correctly the benefits of shape, material, hierarchical, and functional complexity. However, many engineers and designers lack the training and experience necessary to take full advantage of these benefits. They require training, tools, and methods to assist them in gaining the enhanced design freedom made possible by additive manufacturing. This work, which is an extension of the authors’ previous work, explores if design heuristics for AM, presented in a card-based format, are an effective mechanism for helping designers achieve the design freedoms enabled by AM. The effectiveness of these design heuristic cards is demonstrated in an experiment with 27 product design students, by showing that there is an increase in the number of unique capabilities of AM being utilized, an increase in the AM novelty, and an increase in the AM flexibility of the generated concepts, when given access to the cards. Additionally, similar to the previous work, an increase in the number of interpreted heuristics and AM modifications present in the participants’ designs when they are provided with the heuristic cards is shown. Comparisons are also made between 8-heuristic and 29-heuristic experiments, but no conclusive statements regarding these comparisons can be drawn. Further user studies are planned to confirm the efficacy of this format at enhancing the design freedoms achieved in group and team design scenarios.

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