Piezoelectric voltage transformers (PTs) have many uses in electromechanical systems, including voltage transformation and galvanic isolation, and have been commercialized on the macro scale in electronics powering consumer laptop liquid crystal displays. The present work investigates PTs on smaller size scales, that are currently in the academic research sphere, with an eye towards applications including micro-robotics and other small-scale electronic and electromechanical systems. PTs and a competing technology, inductive electromagnetic voltage transformers, are compared on the basis of power and energy density, with PTs showing favorable trends for micro-system designers. Among PT topologies, bulk disc-type PTs, operating in radial extension modes, are a good candidate for microfabrication, and are considered here. Bulk disc-type PT analysis is based on constitutive equations of thin piezoelectric disc dynamics, and the standard piezoelectric radial mode disc dynamics equations are reviewed, followed by an alternate method of derivation, based on the Generalized Hamilton method. This alternate derivation shows the promise of the Hamilton method in potentially developing a full model of device behavior, including mechanical boundary conditions such as tethering, and predictions of device voltage gain, based on energy considerations. Additionally, experimental resonance frequencies of 4.00mm diameter, 0.13mm thick bulk disc PTs are compared with numeric and analytic results, showing good agreement.

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