Understanding the biomechanics of rapid running locomotion plays an important role in comparative biomechanics and bio-inspired engineering and is an integral part of animal welfare.

However, this is not easily achieved using conventional methods of gait analysis: measuring ground reaction forces using a force plate, mainly on irregular granular terrain i.e. greyhounds in racing conditions or in animal’s natural habitats i.e. cheetahs in natural terrain. An alternative to measuring forces externally via force platforms embedded in track ways, we can attach inertial measurement units to agile quadrupeds to measure the effects of rapid running and turning.

Here we deployed an IMU equipped with a tri-axial accelerometer on sprinting greyhounds to analyze rapid locomotion behaviors like dynamic banking and turning in conditions equivalent to racing. High speed videography and paw print analysis of the entire race were used for calibration. The results are beneficial in locomotion analysis and welfare of greyhounds.

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