In this paper a virtual acoustic model for the simulation of noise by passing vehicles is described. The underlying motivation for the acoustic model is the increasing demand for realistic traffic and acoustic disturbance simulation methods. For this purpose, simulation tools are desired, that allow simulation of different kinds of traffic scenarios within a Virtual Reality (VR) environment. This includes a plausible and realistic presentation of the acoustic situation. The virtual vehicle model introduced in this paper is composed of several individual sound sources, e.g. for the tires, the engine and the exhaust system. Each sound source has its own directional characteristics. These characteristics are considered by sets of digital filters for each sound source. For that purpose, measurement series with a car on a dynamometer were performed.

Furthermore, in order to consider the environmental conditions a method for the description of sound reflections at simple objects (e.g. plane walls) is explained in this paper. The implemented concept offers the possibility to create individual mirror sources for every initial sound source and every object that can cause reflections. Since the concept is intended for the interactive application, the described method works in real time.

In order to evaluate the described virtual acoustic model, a test with volunteers was performed. These examinations are also described and discussed in this paper.

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