In competitive market environments, strategies that adding services to products for sales promotion are now moved to integrate products and services for satisfying diverse customer needs, and the number of these cases is gradually increasing. Trends of integrating products and services lead to the emergence of a product-service system (PSS). To implement and embody a PSS solution in new product development, a comprehensive design framework is allowed designers to facilitate the design factors of the PSS in complex business environments. The objective of this paper is to propose a PSS model to identify design factors for developing products and services by integrating object-oriented concepts and blueprinting in context of a business ecosystem. The proposed model is developed based on relationship between products and services matching with their design factors. The products and the services are then brought together to form a PSS. Functions and processes can be categorized to identify the design factors in different levels using the object-oriented concepts. Interaction between products and services lies on a PSS platform to form a product service system in blueprinting. To demonstrate of the effectiveness of the proposed model, we use a case study involving a smart phone.

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