This paper outlines an approach for dynamic, multi-scale modeling of manufacturing systems using an Activity Based Cost structure. The purpose of these models is to assess the sustainability of the manufacturing system and aid as a quick, first principle analysis tool for comparing alternatives. The models are constructed using a computer-aided version of the object oriented modeling language SysML. The model, known as the Activity Based Object Oriented Manufacturing Model (or ABOOM Model), is capable of decomposing a system from multiple perspectives, using the same library of activities reducing redundancy and complexity while increasing modularity. The model is built in MagicDraw SysML, using ParaMagic and Mathematica to parse and simulate the model and return numerical results. This paper builds on a project previously presented in its infancy at IDETC/CIE 2009. This paper presents a functional model structure now that the project has matured and nears the next phase of implementation. Executable hypothetical case study instance structures are presented as well as results from a validation experiment performed since the project was first presented. This paper summarizes the results from the case studies as well as the conclusions from the validation experiment.

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