In order to realize living comfort of tall buildings by reducing the vibration of higher floors by strong winds, this paper proposes a new method of vibration control for flexible structures with a large scale. The higher a tall building the lower its natural frequency. Since obtaining sufficient force to control the lower frequency vibrations of tall buildings is a difficult task, controlling the vibration of ultra-tall buildings using active dynamic absorbers is nearly impossible. This problem can be overcome by placing actuators between a pair of two or three ultra-tall buildings and using the vibrational force of each building to offset the vibrational movement of its paired mate. Therefore, it is able to obtain enough control force under the low frequency when the proposed method is used. In this paper, a reduced-order model expressed by 2DOF system under taking into consideration for preventing spillover instability is applied to control each flexible structure. The LQ control theory is applied to the design of such a control system. The effectiveness of this method is demonstrated theoretically as well as experimentally.

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