According to the calculated axial and radial power distribution of reactor core, a numerical analysis of thermal-hydraulic behavior of coolant in supercritical water-cooled reactor of CGNPC (CGN-SCWR) was performed by using sub-channel analysis software ATHAS. The coolant flow in CGN-SCWR reactor core were in two path mode. In order to ensure the maximum cladding temperature (MCT for short) reached the requirements throughout the entire life cycle, the sub-channel analysis of the MCT in the BOC, MOC and EOC had been carried out. The temperature and density properties of coolant and moderator in the fuel assembly along the axial and radial direction were investigated. The MCT of the fuel assembly was obtained, and the selected typical sub-channels were analyzed in detail. The results show that the MCT, coolant outlet temperature and other parameters in CGN-SCWR reactor core meet the thermal-hydraulic design requirements through the whole life time.

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