This paper details the technology elements developed to design and manufacture a liquid microjet array cooling device, for thermal management of very high power dissipating electronic chips. Multilayer ceramic technology (MLC) is used to build the cooling device with microns size jet arrays, which include distributed return network for the spent fluid. Intertwined microchannel flow networks inside the cooler body distribute the flow in and out of the device. A cooler with 1600 jets and 1681 interstitial returns for the drains built using Glass Ceramic material is discussed. The device when tested with an 18 mm heated silicon chip and an average convection coefficient of 0.052 MW/m2K demonstrated a cooling capability greater than 2.5 MW/m2, with a water pressure drop of < 70 kPa. Further extension of the cooling capability to greater than 6 MW/m2, as predicted by the simulation is also discussed.

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