The development of a lasting solution to radioactive waste management is a critical issue for future nuclear applications. When assessing radioactive waste disposal options factors such as volume of waste and sustainability of the plan must be considered. This paper describes basic plans for the disposal of Low- and intermediate-level radioactive wastes (LILW) expected to be generated from nuclear power plants for countries starting nuclear power program for the first time. The purpose of this paper was to develop a disposal option for Low- and intermediate level radioactive wastes for new comer countries planning to build at least two nuclear power units. A LILW disposal plan was developed by considering countries’ radioactive waste generation data from pressurized water nuclear reactors. An on-site storage facility of 1,000 m3 for LILW at NPPs sites for a period 10 years pending final disposal was recommended. It was concluded that storage and disposal processes are complementary with each other, therefore; both programs should be complemented for effective management and control of radioactive wastes. This study is important as an initial implementation of a national Low- and intermediate level wastes (LILW) disposal program for countries planning to build nuclear power plants for the first time.

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