When digitizing the output of fast-response pressure transducers installed on rotating machinery, it is often desirable to use a phase-synchronized method. The mechanical design of many turbomachines, particularly those not originally designed for a research application, can make it difficult to install the physical key-phasor needed to acquire phase-synchronized measurements.

A method of phase-synchronization using a pseudo-key-phasor is presented in this paper. The technique applies complex demodulation to recover a pseudo-key-phasor signal from the blade-passing signal recorded in sampled data. The recovered pseudo-key-phasor is then used to digitally resample the data at a constant phase angle, removing the effect of small rotor speed variations. Example applications of this technique to vibration measurements can be found in the literature; however, examples of application to rotor pressure measurement were not.

The technique has been applied to fast-response pressure measurements taken on the shroud of a high speed centrifugal compressor. It was found that this technique was able to remove the effect of rotor speed variations from data sampled with equal time intervals, making them suitable for phase averaging.

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