The paper has presented the result of tests and researches realized at our university and Oncology Clinical Hospital from Oradea, Radiotherapy Section, about improving of biolubrication between cartilages in relative moving of synovial joints with osteoarthritis, having slow evolution under non-conventional treatment of irradiation with gamma ray. By radioactive molecular treatment of synovial joints with gamma ray, type hinge of knee and spheres of disorder hip (gon-arthrosis and cox-arthrosis), changed molecular structures of porous cartilages and of synovial fluid in contact. All these due to partial recovering of mechanical-elastic and damper system that was spoiling, with a great reducer of pains, altering some orthopedic and non-conventional treatments at overweight patients, which are been impossible by surgery. This paper has presented a theoretical model of human body subjected the applied and conjunction forces, which explained the damping of vibrations and shocks inside of synovial joints by elastic modulus-E of bone cartilages in contact and variation of dynamic viscosity-η of synovial fluid. This work had proposed to promoted osteoarthritis therapy by using irradiation with gamma ray, being ones of the most modern active molecular treatments by using irradiation with particles in radiotherapy from neurological field.

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