This paper presents cooperation and null-space control for networked mobile manipulators with high degrees of freedom (DOFs). First, kinematic model and Euler-Lagrange dynamic model of the mobile manipulator, which has an articulated robot arm mounted on a mobile base with omni-directional wheels, have been presented. Then, the dynamic decoupling has been considered so that the task-space and the null-space can be controlled separately to accomplish different missions. The motion of the end-effector is controlled in the task-space, and the force control is implemented to make sure the cooperation of the mobile manipulators, as well as the transportation tasks. Also, the null-space control for the manipulator has been combined into the decoupling control. For the mobile base, it is controlled in the null-space to track the velocity of the end-effector, avoid other agents, avoid the obstacles, and move in a defined range based on the length of the manipulator without affecting the main task. Numerical simulations have been addressed to demonstrate the proposed methods.

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