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A Multilayer Taxonomy of Cost Estimation Techniques, Looking at the Whole Product Lifecycle

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Stefania Altavilla

Department of Management and
Production Engineering,
Politecnico di Torino,
Torino 10129, Italy
e-mail: stefania.altavilla@polito.it

Francesca Montagna

Department of Management and
Production Engineering,
Politecnico di Torino,
Torino 10129, Italy
e-mail: francesca.montagna@polito.it

Marco Cantamessa

Department of Management and
Production Engineering,
Politecnico di Torino,
Torino 10129, Italy
e-mail: marco.cantamessa@polito.it

Manuscript received January 17, 2017; final manuscript received August 21, 2017; published online December 21, 2017. Assoc. Editor: Dragan Djurdjanovic.

J. Manuf. Sci. Eng 140(3), 030801 (Dec 21, 2017) (19 pages) Paper No: MANU-17-1029; doi: 10.1115/1.4037763 History: Received January 17, 2017; Revised August 21, 2017

Product cost estimation (PCE) still draws the attention of researchers and practitioners, even though it has been extensively discussed in the literature for more than 20 years. This is due to its central impact on the company's performance. Nowadays, the adoption of cost estimation methods seems to be limited, despite the multitude of examples and applications available. A possible reason is the multitude of approaches and techniques proposed in the literature, which, instead of representing a guide for enabling possible implementations, actually create confusion and ambiguity on their appropriateness for a particular application. Hence, this paper aims to provide a systematic review of the recent literature in the field of PCE, and intensively investigates the aspects that can enable a more conscious decision on the type of technique to be adopted. This results in the identification of five different perspectives, which can be taken simultaneously into account. By combining the different viewpoints, a new multilayer framework is derived, with a specific focus on the whole product life cycle. The proposed framework can be used as a decision-making tool by both researchers and practitioners. In fact, the former group can benefit from the new structure, as a way to identify new areas of possible research opportunities. The latter group is provided an operative guide for the application in industrial contexts.

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Fig. 1

Typologies of cost classification adopted

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Fig. 3

The subdivision between classical and advanced techniques

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Fig. 2

Subdivisions among the three groups of application approaches

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Fig. 4

Input information needed by different techniques

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Fig. 5

Subdivision of papers among industry sectors

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Fig. 8

Number of models aiming at a specific life cycle phase developed for a particular NPD process

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Fig. 7

Techniques used in each life cycle phase

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Fig. 6

Techniques used by NPD phases

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Fig. 9

The multilayer framework



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